FireLayers enables the responsible adoption of cloud apps, while ensuring security, compliance and governance of any cloud application on any device by any user.


Risk-based control coverage from pre-login and login on through the entire application usage including mitigations and other security tools.


The FireLayers Dynamic Analytics dashboard provides a detailed usage data enabling granular auditing, forensics and alerts.


Achieve and maintain compliance (like SOX, PII, and HIPAA), workflow approvals, trigger alerts on regulated and custom data: PCI, PHI, PII, IP.



Central, Cross Application, Policy Based Platform


Context Based Threat Detection & Prevention


Real Time User Centric Mitigation


Control of the Full Application Security Stack


Leverage API & 3rd Party Security Solutions


“We searched for a security solution that would easily and quickly integrate into our cloud application landscape. FireLayers was a perfect fit,they had the technology to do what we were asking for: to secure the collaboration between Nice Actimize and its customers with context-based access control and real-time threat prevention.”


Doron Paz
VP of Customer Support, Hosted Operations and Partner Programs,
Nice Actimize

“Today’s organizations are increasingly dependent upon SaaS and the cloud and need the tools that will allow them to continue to be efficient and facilitate collaboration. Our Extend Perimeter Security solution will help organizations extend their security infrastructure to protect against many of the threats associated with SaaS application use today so that they can protect critical business information from any device.”


Alon Kantor
Vice President, Business Development Check Point

“Customer privacy is paramount to Caesars, that is why we chose FireLayers to protect the mission critical data housed in our customer service management environment. There was no competition, when we considered their real-time user-centric mitigations; which range from 2-factor authentication, IP address pinning, location monitoring, hi-jacking protections, to adaptive security for privilege reductions and more. The FireLayers cloud security platform gives us the confidence to provide our customers with superior service in a secure environment.”


Caesars Interactive

Don’t Block Usage.
Mitigate Risk.

The FireLayers Secure Cloud Application Platform delivers full control and analytics over homegrown and popular apps like Google Apps, Salesforce, Office365, ServiceNow, NetSuite and endless others

Our platform, which features risk-based authentication, threat detection and prevention empowers enterprises with new levels of security, analytics, and control over their cloud resources. FireLayers provides the analytics and control IT teams need to create safe zones for productive work while protecting enterprise data, infrastructure and financial transactions from malicious attackers, external threats and accidental risky behavior.

What is risk-based authentication?

In real-time, FireLayers awards a risk score for each specific action by evaluating content, context and behavior. Depending on the risk score a mitigation response is triggered.

What is threat detection?

FireLayers monitors and audits activity down to the single action and field level. User behavior analytics and policies aid in the identification of events for the response flow.

What is threat prevention?

Once events are categorized as risky, FireLayers  interjects user-centric mitigations and security tools to reduce risk and enable the uninterrupted flow of business processes.


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